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Where To Buy Rafaella Pants ##HOT##

WOMEN'S PANTS Finding women's pants that fit your shape, style and budget shouldn't be a struggle. Forget what you know about women's dress pants. At Rafaella you'll find a variety of styles, fits & colors to help you climb to the top of the corporate ladder. Go bold with a fun print or try a wide leg pant to impress the office. Need something more comfortable? For travel, try our comfortable pull on pant styles! ... What is the best way for women to find dress pants that fit them just right? When you're looking for a pair of dress pants, it's important to find ones that fit comfortably and have the right style. Whether it's time to wear them out on date night or work aggressively behind an office desk all day long, we all deserve comfort. Fit should be flattering without being overwhelming so take into consideration your shape when selecting your fit. We offer fit varieties that are mid rise to high waisted, fitted, slim, straight and flare. Great dress pants should make you feel classy and confident. What is the difference between slacks and dress pants? Basically, nothing. In the mid 20th century, there was a difference between slacks and dress pants, but today's styles are more about fit and style. At Rafaella, we believe that pants can be a foundation to any outfit, and you can style them casually, or add heels and jewelry for a more feminine flair. However you wear your Rafaella pants, you'll look polished and feel comfortable. Can women wear dress pants to a formal occasion? Absolutely yes! Gone are the days when women had to only wear dresses to fancy events. Formal is all in the styling. Embellish your outfit with a blouse, a pair of heels and a nice piece of jewelry, and you're ready for the opera. Take your business outfit from professional to formal with only a few tweaks and you won't need to take a trip home before that evening outing. Vary your look with wide leg pants and a ruffle top and you'll feel comfortable while looking chic.

where to buy rafaella pants

Our heritage is the "Perfect Fitting pants". Rafaella creates versatile, smart, and sophisticated styles that are inclusive of every shape, fit, and size. Our most recent offering includes the SFL technology that smooths, flattens, and lifts in all the right places.

The Rafaella brand name was established under the company Rafaella Apparel Group, Inc. in 1982[1] in New York City, New York to suit the clothing needs of working women in the United States of America. The Rafaella brand became quickly gained popularity among professional women because of the quality the brand offered. Additionally, Rafaella was among the first women's dress clothing lines to offer its pants styles across a wide range of pant fits. Rafaella's offering of "Modern," "Classic," and "Curvy," fit types has been mirrored by other clothing companies, including Levi Strauss & Co. In pioneering the sales technique of offering the same style in multiple female body types, Rafaella was able to win market share over its competitors, solidifying the company's success toward the end of the 20th Century.[2] The brand has been featured in several issues of O, The Oprah Magazine and on the Oprah Winfrey Show [3][4][5] and has been the subject of fashion editorials and reviews for its women's dress pants, dress shirts, dresses, and swim/sportswear.[6][7][8]

Rafaella Apparel Group was bought by Cerberus Capital Management[9] and was later sold in January 2011 to its current owner, Perry Ellis International for $70 million USD.[10] [11] Perry Ellis International expanded the brand, continuing its dresswear line while broadening its focus on dresses and sportswear.[12] Under Perry Ellis, the brand's new looks gained positive reviews[13]In July 2012 fashion executive Denise Miller was instated as the President of Rafaella in order to further expand that vision. Miller previously worked for Kellwood Company as well as G-III Apparel, Ltd., where she was the President of Calvin Klein suits and suit separates.[14] Another major management change was subsequently made in 2013 when Karol Rosa, model and co-host of Sabado Gigante,[15] was hired as the Brand Ambassador for Rafaella.[16] [17] Despite the ownership and management changes, the company remains headquartered in New York City.

Within our selection, you'll find men's linen pants, shorts, shirts, jackets and vests in a variety of colors. With big and tall to slim fits and everything between, we offer linen clothes for all body types. 041b061a72


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