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Luxor 3 Cheats

The cheats themselves are divided into five different categories (player effects, combat effects, items cheats, world effects and vehicle spawns) and can be activated using either: (1) the traditional controller button combo method (works on all console versions); (2) by entering a specific code using your keyboard (on PC only); or (3) or by dialling certain numbers using the in-game cell phone (PC, PS4 and Xbox One only).

Luxor 3 Cheats

  • TypeVEHICLELuxorA Luxor in Grand Theft Auto V.(Rear quarter view)Also known asLearjet [1]Vehicle classPlanesVehicle typeCivilian aircraftBody stylePrivate jetCapacity10 (pilot and nine passengers)Appears inGrand Theft Auto VGrand Theft Auto OnlineManufacturerBuckinghamPrice$1,500,000 (GTA V)$1,625,000 (GTA Online)(Elitás Travel)Variant(s)Luxor DeluxeSimilar vehicle(s)ShamalMiljetGhawarVestraNimbusMiscellaneous InformationSwankness4/5Dashboard TypeLazer (needle) Flyer (dial texture) Interior TypeJetTraffic-default Color(s)No.PSPrlW111204156Default Wheel TypeSportFlag(s)No Boot

  • Driver No Drive By

  • Don't Spawn in Cargen

  • Headlights Use Actual Bone POS

  • Don't Spawn as Ambient

  • Block From Attractor Scenario

  • Headlights On Landing Gear

  • Don't Timeslice Wheels

Model Name(s)luxorHandling Name(s)LUXORText Label Name(s)LUXORPopulation InformationSpawns Naturally?NoMax Number of same color10Spawn Frequency100Distance between identical models20Specific Drivers?S_M_M_GenTransport (Pilot)

Unfortunately, if you're looking for a cheat that gives you money in Grand Theft Auto 5, then you're out of luck. There aren't any cheats out there for that kind of thing and all the third-party money generators you see online shouldn't be trusted. You also can't use these cheats in GTA Online, so keep that in mind.


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