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Watch Modern Family S03E13

After the debate, the whole family meets at the wedding. When Claire and Phil arrive, Cam and Mitch pretend that they did not watch the debate on TV. Cam and Mitch explain that Lily is not allowed to talk at all in order to prevent her from saying the "f-word" in public. When the ceremony starts, Cam starts crying because he always does so at weddings. Lily sees him and knowing that he laughs when she says the f-word, she blurts it out. The whole church starts laughing, so Lily keeps repeating it, causing Cam to rush her giggling out of the church apologizing as the rest of the family and the other guests descend into hysterics.

Watch Modern Family S03E13

This show is well scripted, the cast is superb, and it doesn't shy away from a down-and-dirty look at family life. It's no surprise that Modern Family has picked up several accolades since its debut in 2009. Balancing the good times and bad times isn't always an easy task in a comedy, but this series always ends on a heartwarming note that reflects the beautiful imperfection of family relationships. At the same time, it offers a contemporary picture of the modern American family in its presentation of three very different -- but equally loving -- household structures.

That said, Modern Family isn't for everyone. There are a lot of stereotypes to weed through, and the plot often deals with sex, which is discussed openly in teens' company, as well as other mature themes such as death, divorce, and, to some degree, prejudice. Much of the humor revolves around Mitchell and Cameron's life together and Jay's unconventional marriage to his young Colombian wife. Take into consideration your family's values before opting into this series, but if you do watch with your teens, know that its ultimate message is one of tolerance and the lasting connection among family members of all manner of backgrounds.

While there have certainly been many memorable episodes of Modern Family, fans will never forget the pilot episode as this was the first time the fans were getting an impression of what kind of characters and storylines they will be watching for the next couple of years. Immediately, they fell in love with the Dunphy-Pritchett-Tucker family as they were full of dynamic and engaging characters.

There has been an ongoing debate about the popularity of country music and whether or not, it is declining as time passes. Country music which accounts for its beautiful feature of storytelling seems to be lost in the world of modern pop and electronic. It talks about identity, family and hard times through the melody of music. There is a strong sense of history running in the veins of Country Music. But is that really so? Is it still the same? And, does it still have a market to stand tall? We see the charts saying that country music is actually the most listened to genre by the audience in the United States. 041b061a72


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