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Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith

Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33

The /xnops switch is not supported for all InTouchViewer applications. When this switch is enabled, InTouchViewer attempts to retrieve the additional session information required for the application, and therefore attempts to access the title and length of the application. This can cause InTouchViewer to generate error messages.

Intouch 9.5 Wwsuite Lic.33

The AlarmViewer control can be used to view InTouch web interface. Users can open the Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 Management Console and navigate to the InTouch web interface URL, or, if InTouch is not running at the remote node, navigate to the IP address of the remote node where InTouch is running.

Users should download a new driver package from the InTouch web site. This is different than the driver package, which is only used to install the OS, for Windows. This package does not contain any preinstalled InTouch icons, certificates, updates, or any other programs. However, it will contain all the drivers that are necessary for InTouch. The driver package is available from this website:

The license key for each user is stored on the server. This is provided only for InTouchOS9.5. This license key is not re-issued to a user unless the user deletes InTouchOS9.5. Then, when a new user deletes InTouchOS9.5 and downloads a new InTouchOS9.5, the new InTouchOS9.5 will have a different license key. Thus, it is necessary to delete InTouchOS9.5 before a new InTouchOS9.5 is installed.

If InTouchOS9.5 is installed, and InTouchOS9.5 is subsequently uninstalled, then the license key for the remaining license copies is the same as the previous license key. Thus, the license key is associated with the Email address that is set up for the user.


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