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Ashley Smith

 Dragons In Willow Tree Shirt

Directly across the street from the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort, this store sells T-shirts, hats, patches, Tail of the Dragon maps, and other swag. The massive metal sculpture of a dragon with a motorcycle wrapped in its tail makes an irresistible location for a photo.

 Dragons in willow tree shirt

The black willow, peachleaf willow, and the Pacific willow are just a few that appear as normal trees with normal heights, while others like the sandbar willow and the Bebb willow have a shrub-like appearance.

The weeping willow is an easily recognizable tree with its branches bowing wearily under the weight of its leaves that are more often than not brushing the ground as if the worries of the world were leaning heavily on it from above.

Weeping willow trees are very hardy and can grow in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones of 4 to 10, which means weeping willows can survive in temperatures from -30F to 35F, as long as the roots have access to enough water.

Planting a dwarf weeping willow tree around a home environment is appealing and practical on many levels and in small landscapes, a miniature tree can make a big impact, bringing a splash of color whether planted directly in the yard or seated in a large plant pot.

If there is not a steady supply of water to the weeping willow tree roots they will take it upon themselves to go in search of it, and they have been known to disrupt electrical cables, damage underground water pipes, and even penetrate walls when thirsty.3

There is quite a range of dwarf weeping willow trees that are between 6-8 feet that can survive in varied landscapes. Some require less daily sun exposure than others, but they all require access to a steady supply of water.

Before planting your dwarf weeping tree into its new earthy home in your garden where it will get the most attention, be aware that diseases such as willow blight, fungi, mildew, and root rot can be common problems. As can pests.

Only for short periods of time in the winter months if the weather is too harsh outside. Otherwise, bonsai dwarf weeping willow trees require too much sunlight for indoor use, and they will require a lot more attention and care.

In 2009, 31-year-old Muhamad Anwar set out to gather sugar apples from an orchard on Komodo Island. A misstep that sent him falling from the tree proved to be his undoing. Two Komodo dragons were waiting below, and sprang on Anwar. His neighbors heard the commotion, and ran to his rescue minutes later. By the time they arrived, however, Anwar had already suffered fatal injuries, and was bleeding from bites to his hands, body, legs and neck, the Guardian reports. Anwar died shortly after the attack, in a clinic on Flores Island.


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