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Mw3 Config Mp Cfg NEW! Download

where is the Process ID found in the FireDaemon Pro Services List PID column. This command lists the ports on which the game server is listening. Your system's firewall and/or router must be configured to forward traffic to these ports. You should see output similar to the screenshot below:

Mw3 Config Mp Cfg NEW! Download

Make a copy of the start.bat file and the dedicated.cfg file and rename them.Edit the dedicated.cfg to meet your needs.Edit the copy of the bat file to: use your new server key, use a new port, and use your new config file.(You must forward the second port as well)Start the server through the new .bat file.

It must be so hard to make a million-dollar budget game these days. Activision's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has had years of testing and investment, and yet, when it's released on the PC it's still not quite configured how we like it.

If that's not enough, you can also edit the config file and add command line integers to make it run just how you want it to. We've stuck to mere graphic tweaks and fixes, so they shouldn't actually interfere with the game itself.

Under the hood, buried in the config files, there are a few more values you might want to tweak to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just the way you like it. You'll find the relevant files in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\players2. config.cfg alters settings for singleplayer, and config_mp.cfg adjusts multiplayer. Open 'em up in notepad, and run a find (Ctrl+F) to go straight to the relevant entries.

Is there any way to find out how many FPS I am getting in a game? For instance, is there any free software or mods I can download that will tell me this? I am playing MW3, but it could be general software, as well.

This 1st post in thread is kept updated. A patch was released Thursday June 21, 2012 and it brought game version up to 1.9.433. The 2nd MW3 DLC was released Thursday June 21, 2012. The 1st MW3 DLC had been released Tues May 8, 2012. NVidia Beta driver 304.79 for Win7/8/Vista is out at NVidia Beta downloads. CoD MW3 runs great on Windows 8 Release Preview using that NVidia driver. The AMD Catalyst 12.7 driver is out but no one has given a status on that yet.

Game's Advanced Video Menu:Anti-aliasing -- 2x (?) -- this is the game's default and actually aliases the lines very well. 4x can be set in game menu and higher amounts can be set in the game's config file. The FXAA in NVidia driver performs faster than regular AA.Sync Every Frame -- No or Yes -- both settings can work well. If set to yes your maxfps is capped by your display's refresh rate, which may be more optimal if your display's refresh rate is 60 or 120 Hz because the game's default maxpackets is 30 (which is 60/2 or 120/4, so evenly divisible).Shadows -- No * -- shadows typically slow performance a bitSpecular Map -- Yes (?) -- lights reflect off objects. Some people say performance is better with this off, some say the opposite. If specular is off your gold gun skins will appear as brown.Depth of Field -- No * -- Yes is default. GPU-usage is more steady & less spikey with dof disabled. Snipers might want this set to yes though.Ambient Occlusion -- Off * -- This will generally give you the better performance but it may not be too significant if your GPU is good with shaders and you're at 2x AA or less. It doesn't mix well with FXAA. It looks and performs better if it's turned on in NVidia Control Panel rather than in-game.Soften Smoke Edges -- No * -- many say it's better for performance to have this on no.Image Quality -- Native * -- This is the best-looking and is better-looking than Extra. It will remove blurriness as well. Native is the only choice that uses your display's native resolution.Texture Quality -- Manual or Automatic (the next 3 things will not show up if this is set to Automatic)Texture Resolution -- Extra (for best looks) or High (for best performance)Normal Map Resolution -- Extra (for best looks) or High (for best performance)Specular Map Resolution -- NormalIt's normal for the game to not allow you set to set certain combinations of the above 3 Resolutions. The game may automatically switch them to combinations which are allowed to give better performance or to avoid inappropriate visibility.

Config File Tweaks:If you were to move your config file out to your Windows desktop then the game would not use that one but would build a new config file with default settings the next time the game is started up. Config file location likely at one of these places:C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\players2\config_mp.cfgC:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\players2\config_mp.cfgRight-click it, choose "Open With..." and select Notepad. When done making changes do "Save" rather than "Save As".ai_corpseCount "4" * -- number of dead bodies visible at any momentcg_brass "1" -- to stop the visibility of shells ejecting from your gun set this to "0" insteadcg_chatTime "16000" -- length of time a line of chat stays visible before disappearing. "12000" is default. If you set this to "0" you won't see any chat at all.cl_enableDedicatedServerBrowser "2" -- set this to make your game menu show you the dedicated servers you can join. They are hidden by default. Alternatively use game menu method to make the list show.cl_maxPing "125" (or lower) -- makes the game find you a game lobby with a better ping. The default is "800".cl_mouseAccel "0" -- Mouse is best set to be unaccelerated.cl_packetdup "0" * -- number of duplicate packets you send to server. "2" is default.r_aaMaxQuality "0" -- It's hard to discern if there is a difference in changing this variable. The effect may be too subtle to be noticeable. Default value is "0".r_aaSamples "2" (?) -- this is the amount of fullscreen antialiasing. The default value is "2". If this is set to "2" then you've got 2x AA. You can use the game's AA in conjunction with the FXAA in recent NVidia drivers.r_autopriority "0" -- this is default and makes your game run at High Priority. If you set this to "1" instead it'll make the game run at Normal Priority at least part of the time and your machine will be at a lower performance state during the time the game is determining the Antilag handicap to apply to you. Test this to decide. Results vary on different PC's.r_depthPrepass "None" (same as setting "0") -- this is default and best left that way because of the performance impact but you could use this to give a depth effect by setting "All" (same as setting "2"). If you set it to "World" (same as setting "1") then the depth effect is only for the background scenery that is in the distance far beyond the playable map area.r_distortion "0" -- disables a blurry visual effectr_dof_enable "0" * -- same thing as disabling Depth of Field in game's menu. Snipers may want this set to "1" though.r_imageQuality "0" * -- highest quality setting (same as setting Image Quality Native in game graphics menu)r_preloadShaders "0" -- this is default. If set "1" all shaders load prior to match rather than some during. You may not notice any difference.r_rendererPreference "Default" -- olders card may benefit by changing to "Shader model 2.0" instead.r_texFilterAnisoMax "4" -- "4" is default. "1" was original default before first patch. For best performance leave at default although game may ignore this value anyway and just go by the AnisoMin value (see description below).r_texFilterAnisoMin "1" -- "1" is default. Higher values will give a better-looking game. If set to "2" you'll have 2x Anisotropic. Game seems to ignore the AnisoMax value (above). For performance reasons it's better to improve game looks with higher antialiasing values and the use of transparency antialiasing instead.ragdoll_enable "0" * -- disables all ragdoll effects rather than limiting them with max-simulating (see below)ragdoll_max_simulating "8" -- limits number of things tossed around. Better to set ragdoll_enable to "0" instead.rate "23000" (?) -- default is 25000 but 23000 may seem to "tighten up" the netcode and stop you from getting flooded with too much data from the server. Flood causes lag.sensitivity "(?)" -- the amount of twitch in your mouse. Adjust to preference.sm_enable "0" * -- same thing as disabling Shadows in game's menusm_maxLights "0" * -- will reduce number light flashes, may improve fps some claim. "4" is default.snd_cinematicVolumeScale "(?)" -- this setting doesn't work. You can get rid of music by renaming the "mssmp3.asi" file in the game's miles folder. A Steam file check later might put the correctly-named file back.snd_enableEq "1" -- lets the game process sound equalization.snd_khz "44" or "48" (?) -- 44 is the game's default value. It may benefit you to change to the same KHz value that Windows uses to match this for compatibility or perhaps change this config file value to "48" instead.

Drivers:NVidia Beta driver 304.79 * is out. The driver is available at NVidia Beta downloads.NVidia Game Profiles for MW3 are available through NVidia Updater for older NVidia drivers. You must have the option "Include Beta Updates" checked in the Updater's Preferences tab in order to receive the update. Alternatively set the specific game profile flags shown in the section down below manually with NVidia Inspector.AMD Catalyst 12.7 driver * is out.

Other Info:Mouse -- Mouse acceleration should be off. Some say that mouse performance can be made better by adjusting mouse report rate (polling rate) to 1000 or 500. Some with Razor claim it's better at 125. Some say that setting max pre-rendered frames "1" might make your mouse input seem more immediate.Graphics Compatibility -- May be needed only for some graphics issues with older video cards or to remove some blurriness. In Steam Games Library/right-click game/Properties/General/Set Launch Options/ if you put in -dx9 it will make the game run in a more-compatible DirectX 9 mode. Most people won't need or want to use this.Windows 7 Power Options -- In Windows 7/Windows Control Panel/Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Change Advanced Power Settings/PCI-Express Link State Power Management set to Off. When the PCI-Express Link State Power Management is turned off any increased latency spikes due to power state shifts caused by dynamic power management may be eliminated. Such shifts cause the serial bus to need to be 'woken up' from low-power mode, possibly reconfigured while the host-to-device link is re-established.Fraps -- free program which will display your FPS during the gameNVidia Inspector -- free program used to modify more NVidia settings than the regular Control Panel doesGame Firewall Ports -- port 3074 (TCP & UDP).Steam Firewall Ports see: _...8571-GLVN-8711Router Port Forwarding Guide * to set the needed open ports on your router for CoD MW3: _3/default.htmActivision Support for MW3: * _Home?clickedOn=MW3


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