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What do we offer?


We have a variety of ceramic pieces to choose from. They can be painted with acrylic paint or glazed and fired. Ceramic pieces that are glazed can take 1 to 3 weeks for the firing process. (available as a party, to-go kits, open studio or we can paint for you)

Chalk Couture 

Chalk Couture is a company that creates reusable screen print transfers, that can be used with calk paste or ink to create DIY custom pieces. These can be used in studio, custom classes can be created just for you, and there is a monthly kit you can keep at home. 

Canvas Paintings 

Canvas paintings can be created in step-by-step classes or in open studio self-paced, or as a to-go kit. "Teacher models", which are completed in classes can be purchased. 







Wreaths and Bows 

Wreaths can be made in a class or can be purchased already completed. Bows can be made in a class or purchased already completed as an add on to embellish other creations. 


Wooden projects include Shaped Door Hangers, Words and Phrases, Names, Monograms, Ornaments, Shapes, Bourbon Barrel Lids, Barn Wood, Pallet Signs, Scrabble Tiles, Barn Quilts and more. They are anywhere from 2 inches to 48+ Inches. They can be purchased unfinished, you can paint them in the studio during open studio or a class, or as a to-go kit. 


You can decorate your own sugar cookies in a step by step class, and take your cookies home. Or you can order custom cookies for your event. 


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