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Microsoft OneNote: The Ultimate Note-Taking App for All Your Devices

Hi, this is my first post here. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 is great software. Although there are many soft like OneNote but I don't think there is any that could replace OneNote. OneNote is extremely convenient as a personal database/knowledge base, article digest, project planning, mind mapping, etc. Most important of all it suports Unicode perfectly. I tried to make it portable but failed. I searched for Portable OneNote but got nothing.

microsoft onenote portable

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Surface Go 3 is the most portable Surface 2-in-1 perfect for workforces on the go, everyday tasks, homework, and play. Designed to light up the best of Windows 11, Surface Go 3 is 60% faster with a 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. This product brings optional LTE Advanced, all-day battery, built-in Microsoft security, and is optimized for tablet-to-laptop versatility with digital Pen and touch. Built to reduce complexity, commercial variants of Surface Go 3 can be deployed straight to employees with Windows Autopilot for a zero-touch experience. Whether devices are onsite or in the field, the built-in cloud-powered security is designed to keep company information and customer data safe.

AppImage is a universal software package for distributing portable software on Linux, which can simply be downloaded and run on any Linux platform without the need of installing the application.

The consistency is deliberate. Keeping the form factor and port placement the same is an advantage for organisations that buy accessories like protective cases. Various healthcare and emergency services in the UK are using Surface Go as a lightweight and very portable option, for example, as are call centres where the small footprint, low price and ability to drive an external monitor are key.

Like the previous models, the Surface Go 3 shines as a portable device: it's perfect for working on an airplane tray table or a crowded train, and for throwing in a backpack or the kitbag in the back of a vehicle. However, battery life seems to have regressed either because of the new Core i3 CPU or Windows 11.

Microsoft Office Lens turns your portable devices (iOS/Android) into portable, instant scanners. This removes the need to setup complicated scanners, and allows you to carry one in your pocket. Office Lens can be connected to save the scans/images directly to your phone, PDF, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more. Scans/images can be saved as PDF, JPG or PNG format.

Since you probably don't want M$ stuff installed permanently in Puppy, I've built this in my standard 'portable' format. The config stuff ('profile') is created, then sym-linked out to the expected location at runtime, being removed again at close. D/l; unzip; put it anywhere you want.....preferably outside the 'save'. There's the option to add a Menu entry, should this be required.

Hmm. I seem to have missed that. It appears to have a built-in updater of some kind....which would perhaps work if it was fully installed in the normal way, with the name left as originally supplied by the dev team. But the whole point of the portable is to NOT be installed, of course....

Here's the current version of P3XOneNote-portable, released 6 days ago. I've addressed the /root/.cache issue raised by Dingo, above; it's now self-contained in the internal /config directory, just being sym-linked into place at runtime, then deleted again afterwards.

It depends on your definition of portability. Some people would argue that it is not, because it needs to have the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 or later installed. As this is already the case on most computers, we regard Greenshot as portable. If you prefer portability over an easy install, download the ZIP distribution from our version history, unpack its contents to your hard disc or a USB stick and start Greenshot.exe. If you do not know whether .NET framework is installed on your computer, simply download the latest Greenshot installer, it will check for .NET and offer to install it if it is missing.

While properly securing devices like laptops and USBs that are not perpetually connected to the network is not a new problem, that endeavor became exponentially more complicated in light of the current pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, some organizations were able to greatly restrict transient devices in their environment; now, not so much. This means that controls, policies, and procedures for securing these ephemeral devices can no longer be deferred. Critical infrastructure security firm Applied Risk shares its view on some of the challenges OT environments face in securing transient assets and other portable media. It probably comes as no surprise that an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory tops the list. However, Applied Risk offers a reminder on the importance of identifying and managing other physical ports of entry such as plug-ins, remote workers, scheduled vendor visits, portable electronic devices, and the ever-perilous personal-and-business use consumer electronics (BYOD). The referenced post has somewhat of a checklist of considerations for mitigating risk from these fleeting devices. Read more at Applied Risk.

This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.Emancipation Capital is a value focused hedge fund based in New York City that invests solely in technology businesses. We look at a wide variety of companies and use many data intensive propriety Excel models, as well as several CPU heavy financial applications. Network and data security is also a top priority for us. Desktop computers do a great job of handling our in-office needs, but traveling has always been an issue. We had secure VPN remote access into our domain already, but finding a truly portable machine that could run full desktop versions of our tools on the road was an issue.

For typed notes, a laptop or tablet with a tablet keyboard works best, as long as you know how to touch-type. The Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Keyboard(Opens in a new window) is a lightweight keyboard that's supremely portable, making it a great companion to a tablet for taking notes.

The ASUS ZenScreen Ink MB14AHD is a portable touchscreen display with pen support targeted at office workers. I'm a visual content creator and I'm making this review because I wanted to see how the pen performs for drawing and writing.

The main selling point of the ASUS ZenScreen Ink MB14AHD is portability and pen support. If you do not need pen support, you can get cheaper portable touchscreen displays However, those portable displays usually do not have pen support. And even with a portable touchscreen display, the lack of proper pen support means the writing experience will likely be lousy as there is no palm rejection, and it's common to have broken lines or the pen is less responsive.

Pros and cons at a glance+ Compact, lightweight and portable+ Good build quality+ 10-point touchscreen+ Finger gesture response is fluid+ Rubber feet with good grip+ HDMI and USB-C video supported+ Pen support with palm rejection and pressure+ Good handwriting and note taking performance+ Built-in kickstand+ Built-in tripod mount+ Carrying sleeve included+ Auto-rotation feature with Windows OS+ OSD menu easy to navigate- Limited colour gamut- 1080P resolution pixelation- Very reflective screen- Colours and brightness affected by viewing angles- Lines have visible jitter and wobble for drawing purposes- Fragile tripod mount

This special offer gives you the plug-and-play flexibility of the Mobile Duex Plus portable monitor as well as a lifetime license to Microsoft Office. The Mobile Duex Plus is an innovative solution to a lack of screen space. It attaches easily to your laptop to give you a seamless 1080p dual monitor whenever you have to do work that requires multiple windows. It has speakers built-in and requires absolutely no further installation to use. Just plug it in, move a window over, and you instantly have two screens to work from, just like your office setup.

Office Lens is basically a portable scanner in your pocket, allowing you to capture pictures of whiteboards, documents, and receipts to save and edit them digitally. The beauty of Office Lens as opposed to other scanning applications is that Microsoft offers integration with Microsoft Office.

Much speculation had positioned Origami as a portable gaming device that would directly compete with Nintendo's DS and Sony's PlayStation Portable. This rumor gained credibility after videos were leaked showing Halo: Combat Evolved being played on a UMPC. While the movie was quickly taken down from its original source, mirrors still existed on many other sites.[6] Later in the week, the Associated Press confirmed that "Origami" was actually to be a regular PC with "limited gaming capabilities".[7]

Several companies developed accessories exclusively for the 7" UMPC platform. These included carry cases, screen protectors, styli, protective bump cases and docking stations. In addition, several prototypes of "mounting solutions" were previewed which permitted the UMPC device to be mounted in the car, on the wall or attached to an adjustable arm. User interface software was created enabling UMPCs to become portable infotainment devices. There were touch-friendly, voice-controlled, user interface software platforms designed to run on Windows XP and Vista-based UMPCs allowing users to control Windows without the need of a mouse and keyboard.


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