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Boris Zimin
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[S6E6] Professor Chaos

Eric, Kyle and Stan are thinking about how Butters has performed as a replacement friend since Kenny's death. They believe that Butters' attempts, however nice they are, fail and they decide to fire him. This makes Butters very angry: he plans to plunge the world into chaos as his newly found alter ego "Professor Chaos". Cartman, Kyle and Stan meanwhile hold a kind of waste competition with the place open in their group of friends as the main prize.

[S6E6] Professor Chaos

While Butters is making costumes for his "minions of chaos" (essentially his pet hamsters), he receives an anonymous note telling him to meet the sender at the South Park Docks, believing that the note might be from the FBI. Butters dons his Professor Chaos costume and sets off to the docks. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman have further narrowed their choices to six potential friends now: Tolkien, Timmy, Tweek, Pip, Towelie, and Jimmy. Cartman once again tells the others to get the fudge out. Disgusted, Clyde complains that this decision should not be made into a game, to which Cartman hurls more fudge-related insults at him.

"You don't know how hard it is being me!" In this episode, Butters is convinced by his friends to dress up as a girl named Marjorine and infiltrate a sleepover party to uncover a supposed spy. It's a zany exploration of gender roles and the absurdity of social norms, with Butters at the center of the chaos.

Adding to the humor is Butters's reaction to all this chaos. He takes it in his stride, brushing off his mom's murder attempt and making light of the whole thing. At the end of the episode, Butters is closer to Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, paving the way for his greater role in the following seasons.

Stan, Kyle a Cartman usoudí, že Butters jako náhrada za Kennyho neobstál a vykopnou ho z party. Butters celý zhroucený vymýšlí své alter-ego a stává se profesorem Chaosem, jehož cílem je přinést do světa chaos. Mezitím si kluci vybírají nového čtvrtého kamaráda.

Cartman, Kyle ja Stan ovat pettyneitä Buttersiin ja päättävät erottaa hänet poikanelikostaan. He järjestävät koe-esiintymisen kaverikandidaateille. Hylkiö-Butters muuttuu superkonna professori Kaaokseksi, jolla on ilkeitä suunnitelmia. 041b061a72


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