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Anthony Hill
Anthony Hill

Big Nose Freaks Out

Big Nose Freaks Out (alternatively spelled as Bignose in the initial credits and on the back of the box) is a platform game for the NES produced by Codemasters and published by Camerica.

Big Nose Freaks Out

Bignose sets off on an adventure through numerous prehistoric settings, defeating enemies using a club. However, he also has access to a primitive skate board device (stone-boarding) that he invented along with the wheel. The game is essentially a platform game in which the player collects bones and other items, while traveling from left to right until reaching the goal. In addition to the single player mode there are two two-player modes (Relay and Challenge).

Bignose, a mild-mannered neanderthal, is on his way to the "Savings + Bones" to deposit his collection of bones. Just before he enters the building, a dinosaur pelts him with a rock, knocking him down. Before he gets up, the dinosaur grabs his bag of bones and runs off. Bignose gets angry and heads off to find the thief.

Louie Bignose is one of the gangsters who works for Big Tony in Chicago in TimeSplitters 2. He wears a black jacket and trousers, as well as a white shirt and a tie. He also has reddish hair under a black hat and a rather large nose.

After Violet, Klaus and Sunny are taken to stay at Lucky Smells Lumbermill in the care of its owner Sir and his partner Charles, the Bald Man solely accompanies Count Olaf to Paltryville where the mill is located. There, Olaf disposes of Foreman Firstein, and replaces him with a disguised Bald Man, under the alias of Foreman Flacutono. He wears a curly white wig, with a white surgical mask covering his mouth and long nose.

The troupe, including the Bald Man, help Count Olaf dig a pit in which a pack of starving lions are placed for an upcoming show in which one of the carnival's freaks will be thrown to and devoured by the beasts. At one point, the Bald man says that someone else may accidentally fall to the lions.

During the actual show, when the two conjoined freaks Beverly and Elliot, who are actually Violet and Klaus in disguise, are picked to be eaten and no-one is willing to push them, mayhem ensues within the audience.

The Bald Man with the Long Nose appears in the Brad Silberling 2004 film adaptation Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, portrayed by Luis Guzmán. He doesn't seem to have a long nose, and is shorter than he is portrayed in the books. He is credited as "Bald Man". 041b061a72


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