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Read Hush Hush Graphic Novel Online

Hoopla Graphic Novel Book ClubA Hoopla bonus feature is the Graphic Novel Book Club where you can find reading guides and discussion questions for your own book club. As long as your book club members have an IndyPL library card and are not at their 10 checkout limit for the month, you can all check out the same graphic novel or e-comic at the same time. What a convenient online library for your book club!

Read Hush Hush Graphic Novel Online

An essential read for any fan of Red Hood. Although this graphic novel does not explicitly have Red Hood appear, it is without a doubt his origin story. Fans of the character should read A Death In The Family to understand Jason Todd, his relationship with Batman, and his end as Robin.

Hush-hush and on the QT, we present to you, dear reader, the Golden Age of Hollywood. Los Angeles is ripe with beautiful beaches and gorgeous movie stars, and there's opportunity as far as the eye can wander. There is also, unfortunately, a supervillain problem, with rogues running rampant everywhere. During the day, the city is attacked by atomic robots, robbers that run football formations, and circus acts with a death wish! And by night? There's an onslaught of gangsters with magic wands, feral beasts out for blood, and seedy criminal organizations conducting cosmic-powered turf wars.

Press Start is a fun, easy graphic novel series from the Scholastic Branches imprint and kids will be attracted to to the pixellated artwork. In the first installment, a human plays a video game set in Animal Town in which the evil King Viking kidnaps a singing dog. In each level, a supercharged rabbit must overcome obstacles to rescue the dog and bring peace back to Animal Town. At this writing there are 11 books to keep your kids reading.


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