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After School Kids Club Art Session Fall. 2022 Grp

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Colton Ward
Colton Ward

Cum; When Gay Masterbating. REPACK

Sousuke's been trucking long enough that his trips blur together into a stream of fighting the twin scourges of boredom and highway hypnosis, cycling through his ever-growing audiobook collection, and sleeping in shitty motels while trying to not let his loneliness devour him whole. It's a living, but not much of one, so when he meets a handsome young hitchhiker going his way, he can't help but let him in.

Cum; when gay masterbating.

Flux, after retiring from his career as a public performer and pop idol, gets hunted back down by Sasha. Unwilling to let Flux's many "talents" go to waste, she drags him out of his home for a meet-and-greet at her bar. Flux should have known that nothing is ever that straight-forward and innocent when Sasha is involved.

After getting herself all horny at the sex-show she orchestrated at her bar, Sasha storms off towards her apartment. Fuming and dripping at the same time, she aims to relieve her pent-up sexual frustration on her extremely well-endowed sibling. Who needs vibrators and porn when your own brother has a cock like a fire hydrant?


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