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After School Kids Club Art Session Fall. 2022 Grp

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Colton Ward
Colton Ward

Deep Rock Galactic Game

Updated September 20, 2022, by Gemma Johnson: Deep Rock Galactic is still going strong with Season 2 released in Spring 2022, giving players plenty of new features to raise their pickaxe to, including raging robots, new weapons, and cosmetics. The cleverly designed, immersive space rig acts as the hub of much of the game's social interaction that keeps players immersed in the galactic game world.

Deep Rock Galactic Game

This addictive and challenging mix of game genres set deep underground manages to appeal to a wide audience, whether it's sci-fi or multiplayer fans. Think you've got a rough job? Try spelunking alien caves, fending off bloodthirsty monsters with limited resources and your trusty pickaxe, and hopefully making it out alive with a decent profit like the miners of Deep Rock Galactic. It takes the resource collection of games like Minecraft and mixes in elements of a first-person co-op survival shooter. This makes for an odd hybrid of gameplay, to be sure. One minute you're carefully navigating the hazards of a dark cave and slowly mining pockets of rare minerals, and the next minute you're fighting for your life against swarms of rushing alien spiders, like a scene ripped out of Starship Troopers. Survive the swarm, and you're back to the slow burn of excavation as the cycle repeats. And yet, as odd as the combination may seem, it somehow happens to work.

Jack is a BSc Graduate in Government and Political Science and a lifelong fan of video games who has dabbled in every genre. With a particular fondness for fantasy RPGs and narrative experiences, Jack likes to explore storytelling in gaming at a deeper level (or at least convey how cool a game is to you). He's also played League of Legends for 8 years, unfortunately.


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