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[S7E4] Baby Not On Board

While stopping off at the ruins of the World Trade Center to pay respects, the rest of the family realizes that they left Stewie behind in Quahog. They call Cleveland and Quagmire to babysit him. As soon as they come in to the house, Stewie believes they are intruders and knocks them out with a noxious gas but, discovering their true identities, he chains them to the basement wall and force them to watch the 24-Hour DirecTV help channel. When Stewie eats up all the food in the house, he gets a job at McBurgertown, but is fired for eating food on the job.

[S7E4] Baby Not On Board

Family Guy has been delivering laughs since 1999 and has become one of the most popular animated sitcoms with over 400 episodes under its belt. The show is currently in its 21st season, and still carried by creator, Seth MacFarlane who provides the voice of several characters in the series including Peter Griffin, Glen Quagmire and the sophisticated world-dominating baby, Stewie.

"Baby Not on Board" is an epic Stewie episode inspired by the classic Christmas movie, Home Alone. The episode skips the Wet Bandits adding a twist of desperation as Stewie uses Meg's hats for diapers and is forced to get a job at McBurgertown. Since Stewie's on his own for most of the episode, the episode is one of the baby's best as he essentially gives a one-man show.

This two-part episode addresses Stewie's darker side as everyone finally acknowledge him for the first time. Prior to the episode, other characters viewed Stewie as an average baby who could only be heard by Brian. The absurd series of events like Lois being saved by a merman and a nod to the hit series, The Sopranos, at the end ranks this as one of the finest and funniest Stewie episodes.

Stewie and Brian decide to go on another adventure with the baby's new remote control teleporting to different parallel universes. When they end up in a world where dogs are superior to humans, Brian doesn't want to leave and soon faces the risk of never returning home when someone breaks the remote.

After being pregnant for seven years, Bonnie finally gives birth to a beautiful baby girl named Susie! Stewie quickly falls for the little tyke and vows to do anything to win her heart and get in her diaper. Meanwhile, Joe borrows $20,000 from a bookie to pay for Bonnie's medical bills, but then plans to steal the money from Mr. Pewterschmidt to pay his debt.

After Stewie gets his baby butt kicked by Joe's infant daughter, he starts hitting the gym with Peter. It seems like all of Stewie's hard work is paying off until Peter drops a bombshell when he reveals just how Stewie got those six-pack abs. Meanwhile, Chris starts to date a popular girl at school and quickly realizes that popularity is like physics - as in what goes up must come down -.

Martha prepares for a visit from her cousin Maxine. Martha and Maxine have not spoken for years over a missing family baby blanket. Tom hopes Martha is not getting her hopes up that Maxine will arrive with the blanket as a baby gift for Tomi.

Sam updates Cassie on his shoulder injury. He fears the injury means no more surgery. Cassie wishes she could cheer him up. She once tried to get his favorite childhood board game the Pirate Kings Adventure, which would be a great pick me up. However, Sam says even the Pirate King would not cheer him up.

David responds to our episode last season about adult baby diaper lovers as someone with the fetish. We discuss what exactly goes down, why it's such a turn on, how to broach the subject to a significant other, and why this is just a small part of who you are.

You is the image of them. Is it wearing them. were having some elsewhere them. I wish i had a really good answer for this. But the only thing i come up with is is drawn to the look And to be clear this has nothing to do with children or pedophilia is mentioned in your previous episode. I'm not attracted to children. I don't wanna be with children. Mrs adult diapers specifically made for the community. Where does that stand for. Abd l. stands for adult baby diaper lover. So i'm drawn to look the sound the feel and i'm aroused by seeing females in them. I do wear on occasion. It does not have the same sexual. Gratification asean the female in this case my partner so when you discover that you had this fetish and then later when google came about. You're able to research about it. Do you remember your first in person. Diaper fetish experience I believe i stumbled across some pictures of others wearing and some articles in which it and what exactly this is and a light bulb kind of went on that. This is probably what i was experiencing. And then how did this transfer into life was not going away. So and as i continued to evolve as the internet continues to evolve more towards the community more towards the abd pictures and it was sexual sexual gratification for me and were you able to experience this with a real life partner at some point. It wasn't until about five or six years ago when i opened up to an ex I've opened up to two people in real life. One being my axe in one being my current partner what was like your xs reaction. The first time. You did this the first time. I did not accept myself for who i was. I was not confident in speaking about it. A kind of just threw it out. There had no plan of how i was going to talk about it. So it's taboo as it is already add onto the fact of of that that i was not confident in stumbling all over my words so i think probably made it more odd than it already is in. I'll be the first admit that it certainly odd. Not until i sat down with the counselor. Did i come to accept myself to come to accept that. This is a small part of who i am and when i opened up to to my current partner i was a lot more confident I was able to explain it better. I was able to explain at. This is just a small part of me. I likened it to liking a song or liking the artists their sports team food. Whatever whatever you may have That this is just a small part of something i light. You're not defined by correct. How long were you with your acts before. You made this trauma that. How long were you with your car partner before you made this trial. It was about two and a half years before. I had opened up to my house. And that's what struck me about the episode that you previously did In in the discussion you have. When is the right time to tell someone with my current. I opened up about six or seven months into the relationship and that was also aided by the fact that i was confident I was speaking to a counselor who helped me open up. I don't know what the correct answer is as to when you should open up. I think it's one of those questions that may be you just know when the right time is the only advice i would give. Is i think that you need to be confident. And accept what it is. You are experiencing Because if not it may be a similar experience to how a when i opened up to my ex stumbling all over the place i want to go through your your relationship with your acts where you you know were together for two and a half years take us walk us through that what was going on in your mind for the first two and half years that made you ultimately come out and tell her this. It was very I guess uncomfortable would be the right word. I knew that. I wanted something more than just the vanilla type stuff. Obviously i wanted to move towards my fetish. But i would say i was not completely i was not completely myself in the relationship Times where. I don't think i was fully engaged Because i first of all. I didn't accept myself so i was not I don't think it was a hundred percent confident in everything i was doing. It sounds like it's more than a small part of who you are. Because it's you're not feeling like yourself when you're not you know a involved in the fetish. I think it's a small part of who i am in the in the grand scheme of things when it comes to how often i seek this or what i'm looking for when it comes to this i've never had the experience where i told somebody and they said okay.

Well yeah the least. And as i said earlier i certainly understand that and i understand that. There's going to be people that always find it disgusting and then that's okay and where are you guys already engaged. We were not you. Were not okay so you guys got engaged after you had this conversation. What exactly happened in this conversation when you spoke to her. Why were the words that came out of your mouth I have something to tell you. I was able to give her the background information. I i was able to tell her that. This is not something. I need every single sexual experience. I think she was a little bit hesitant. Scared about the baby aspect of it that some people act as the baby. I don't think that was anything that she wanted to participate in. I just think that. I had a better plan and spoke with more confidence. This time. around as opposed to the first and certainly with somebody different she had different thoughts to my my ex. But i would say that those are the main things that were different. And what were you guys doing. When you had this conversation we were just having a serious conversation about just going back and forth about about sex. Okay so it's more relevant. Potentially i threat the couch. His could deduct them out of nowhere. Correct taught it in the wing. You you say you get turned on by watching your partner in in diapers. What is the gratification. You get from you yourself wearing diapers. I don't get as sexually turned on when i do it. I think it's more of a stress relief. Type thing for me. I'm in the finance sector work long hours. Do a decent amount of travelling in for me. I think sometimes it's just kind of like some people may have a glass of wine so you would come home from a long day at work and then put on some diapers. I would say this happens once maybe twice a month. What's a feeling that you get. This is the against somewhat of a little bit of security and comfort but again i think it goes back to stress relief in just escaping from normal everyday type things a super interesting so wing you. Let's talk about present day. Drew fewer sex live with your fiance described. That you know i love to get graphic and get all the details so describe that for us as far as it relates to the fetish. Yeah like i guess not even really into the fetish but how many how many times a week. You guys engage in the fetish Three or four times a month. Maybe if that sometimes more sometimes less on how busy are schedules are in initiating and requesting sometimes it is sometimes. It's her surprising me. i think it's yeah. I think for her. It's nice to have that fallback that she knows that she can turn me on it. Moment's notice. I guess. I have to tell us But like what's do you think like. Ropley percentage wise. You're gauging of this. Diaper play versus just traditional psych. Swore i would say traditional is eighty twenty okay. How long has it been since you guys engaged in diaper fetishism very close two years since i brought it up to her and then i'd say year and three quarters. Maybe since the first time it happened so sense the first time it's happened because we all know sex lives ken change has this fetish transpired in any way more than just her wearing a mean we have done some fun role play type things but nothing serious she's into Vibrators handcuffs blindfolds. So that's where introduced that. It was before tears. Excellent that is yes that is also part of our sex life as well previously. You had mentioned the abd l. community. What does that stand for. It'd be deal stands for adult baby diaper lover and to have you explored more into this community. There is a website called fat life on which you may or may not be familiar with. It's very similar to facebook type Type thing there's groups you can join there's people near you can meet. There's events gatherings there is two or three big conventions a year. I have not attended any of this yet. So i cannot speak too much as far as that experience goes but i do know that there are stuff around the country in each segment of the of the country. I guess you could say. I'm just putting myself in the shoes of your fiancee and i'm going to get really real here. If this was presented to me by my partner and i was open to it. Might only i guess not concerned but question would be. Where is this going to lead to. Cause it might start with this but it could become something bigger later that i may not be able to handle. Have you guys had this conversation. It's time to take a quick break so we can tell you about. Our current sponsor care of a monthly subscription vitamin service made from effective quality ingredients. Personally tailored to your exact needs. Did you know ninety percent of people fall short of fda recommended guidelines for at least one vitamin or nutrient care of made a super easy and fun to figure out what vitamins and supplements you need simply by taking a short quiz on their website. 041b061a72


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