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Parson Ophthalmology Book PDF: How to Get It for Free and Why You Need It

Parsons Ophthalmology, 23rd Edition, is designed to provide readers with an in-depth overview of conditions that affect the ophthalmic system. Current standards of clinical and surgical care are included in this edition and readers will find the book to be authoritative and comprehensive.

parson ophthalmology book pdf free download


Many professors have said this book is the best and one of the most remarkable and an outstanding book on ophthalmology. This book is designed for both the beginner and experts in ophthalmology. This book provides a detailed explanation of various diseases and ophthalmic situations as described in the earlier editions.

This book is very useful for medical students and ophthalmologist, particularly for the forthcoming Ph.D. as this book is one of the main sources of information about the ophthalmology, and also gives many facts in detail with reference to every point.

This book is based on the research and experiences acquired in each of the past ten years in a number of medical colleges and hospitals. Some of these topics includes childhood and adolescence cataract gradual cataract Lens trauma Microbial keratitis Etiologic agents of corneal ulceration The incidence of allergic conjunctivitis trachoma, external eye infections middle meningeal arteritis age-related cataract pars planitis Graefs disease macular degeneration Meibomian disease Clinical characteristics of choroidal melanoma etc.

This book provides a detailed description of various symptoms of ophthalmic disorders, causes, modalities of treatment and complications, the book focuses on the latest knowledge in ophthalmology and provides the reader with a complete description of ocular diseases and the disorders, and their prevention.


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