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Nokia 1616 2 Unlock Code Calculator [UPD]

use the * (star) key to get the p w and + characters. press * key 3 times for p press * key 4 times for w press * key 2 times for + please note: you only have 3 attempts to enter this unlocking code. to start with, when you turn your phone on without a sim card you should see the message 'restricted'. if you don't see this message, turn the phone off and insert a non-accepted sim card (ie not locked to) and carry on as normal.

nokia 1616 2 unlock code calculator


how to know if your phone is locked? if the phone is locked, it will show the message: sim is locked. please contact your network operator. how to unlock? there are 2 ways to unlock the phone. solution 1: use the unlock code provided by the network operator solution 2: find the unlock code using the following: - firstly, go to the settings menu and select settings - you need to go to security option - under security, select lock screen pin and enter the pin shown on your phone. - select ok and wait for the phone to unlock

to unlock a feature phone, use the following: 1. download the nokia universal unlocker software from the nokia support website 2. install the software on your computer 3. connect your computer to the target phone 4. open the software and select the phone model you want to unlock

for some of the nokia phones sim blocked on united states carriers (or other canada, australia or uk networks that are or are not in the list above) we have the solution for cable decoding, remote, directly at the phone owners home. using this method no longer matters the network in which the phone is locked but only the model (for new nokia there are special conditions). careful!nothing is written in the phone only it reads. the phone software is not affected and the waiting time for obtaining the code is 12-48 hours.


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